The Mission of the New Brunswick College of Dental Hygienists is to protect the public by developing, advocating and regulating safe and ethical dental hygiene practice in NB,

The NBCDH has 530 registered members with 502 holding a practising licence and 28 are non-practising members. As of January 2013, our recent approved Rules grants dental hygienists, who have pursued further education, the opportunity to apply for a specific designation of self-initiation or local anesthesia to their licence. The self-initiation designation permits dental hygienists to offer their services in various practice settings without the supervision of a member of the NB Dental Society. This allowing access to dental hygiene services outside of the traditional dental office setting. Currently, 398 of registered practising dental hygienists have received their self-initiation designation and 183 have their local anesthesia designation. Out of these mentioned, 171 members actually hold both the self-initiation and local anesthesia designations.

Collaborative practice with oral health care professionals and other health professionals will continue and is encouraged as dental hygienists apply the dental hygiene process of care for each client: Assessment, Dental Hygiene Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. The dental hygiene process of care ensures that each client receives the best individualized care.