COVID-19 NBCDH Position

In accordance with our mandate to act in the public’s interest, as a College, we are concerned with the safety of the public and all oral health care practitioners in our province during these difficult times.

We have an obligation and a responsibility as health care providers to participate in a collective effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. The NBCDH acknowledges that dental hygiene services in a time of a pandemic are not considered emergency or essential services therefore we are recommending that all dental hygienists in New Brunswick suspend nonessential and elective oral health services as soon as possible. Public safety is our primary concern. These factors, along with a spike in new cases across the country and the call for effective social distancing, make it clear that bold action is required.

The NBCDH does not have the authoritative power to suspend nonessential dental hygiene services. However, this recommendation is seen to be a matter of utmost public interest and safety. We are therefore relying on our registrants to act in a socially responsible manner. Other Dental Hygiene Colleges across Canada are recommending this same level of response to the pandemic. Please note as the pandemic is evolving and changes are consistently being made, these guidelines will be reassessed periodically as the situation evolves.

Diane Thériault

Executive Director/Registrar

New Brunswick College of Dental Hygienists

For the NBCDH Council

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