About the College

The New Brunswick College of Dental Hygienists is the Regulatory Authority for the Profession of Dental Hygiene in the province of New Brunswick.  On June 19, 2009, the Act respecting the NB College of Dental Hygienists received Royal Assent in the NB legislature after 13 years of lobbying with government.
Previously, the profession of dental hygiene was regulated by the NB Dental Society.

The utmost  duties of the College is to ensure public safety by:

  • upholding and protecting the public’s interest in the practice of dental hygiene
  • regulating the profession and ensuring that its members possess the required education and knowledge to practice dental hygiene in NB;
  • maintaining and developing  standards of practice and professional ethics to ensure that members are competent and maintain their competency throughout their careers;
  • administering the Act and Rules and performing all duties imposed or conferred on the College by or under any Act.