The Practice Standards Committee is a legislative committee under section 34.1(1) of the Act respecting the New Brunswick College of Dental Hygienists.  This committee’s mandate is to recommend  to Council and the Minister  Rules respecting standards of practice under subsections 15(4) and  19(7) in the Act.

Section 15(4)  makes reference to 15-2(h) rules concerning compulsary continuing education and 15-2(k) rules pertaining to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Section 19(7) makes reference to a rule or the amendment or repeal of a rules respecting eligibility for registration ( curriculum of education, training requirements and professional examinations), continuing education, standards of practice or conlficts of interest.

This committee is represented by 2 representatives appointed by the College, 2 dentists appointed by the College from a list of 5 submitted names by the NB Dental Society and two public representatives appointed by the Minister.

Dental Hygienists representatives:Trudy McAvity, Anne Comeau

Dentists: Dr Denis Bourgeois, Dr Donald Joyce

Public Representatives: Gisèle Richard, Dana Purton Dickson